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ICAN 2020 Calendar contest, Winner for both Functional and Mugs calendars


Two Exhibitions to Catch Before They Close This Week

Jessica Smith, arts editor of Flagpole

"Keok Lim’s “Bag of Tulips” is so incredibly realistic that it’s hard to believe you’re actually looking at unglazed stoneware and porcelain, not a crisp brown paper bag."

Admiring Evidence of Process

Peg Frizzell,

"Another potter that captured my attention is Keok Lim.  Her porcelain pieces are very detailed, colorful and whimsical.  This piece, “Colorful Dreams”, would have to be my favorite piece in the show this year.  It’s just so joyful!"


Spruill Ceramics Student is featured artist at Perspectives

Event Expands Pottery Proficiency

Peg Frizzell,

"The hall gallery displayed a special exhibit called “Yes, it is clay” by Keok Lim. Keok was born in Singapore where she worked as a dentist before moving to Atlanta in 2001 with her family. I have a special place in my heart for Singapore having lived and worked there some time ago. But I would have loved Keok’s work regardless of where she’s from. It’s her first big show but I can’t imagine it will be her last. Her work is so amazing it warrants its own post but here are a couple of pieces to give you an idea.  The first piece is called “Backpack Story” and second one was labeled “Happiness Platter”."

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